• School Partnership

    Collaborative Preschool Classrooms

    The Special Needs Resource Group will design and implement an inclusion program within a preschool for typically developing students. Our Collaborative Classroom model supports the full participation of preschool age children with mild to moderate developmental delays and disabilities, as equal and accepted members of the school community. A special education teacher from the Special Needs Resource Group works closely with the general education teacher to facilitate school achievement and success for children with special needs by providing individualized assistance with academic and social challenges. Modeling appropriate student behaviors occurs naturally as the children with developmental delays or special needs attend school with their typically developing friends. The foundation of this groundbreaking classroom is our team of expert special education teachers .

    Early Identification

    The Special Needs Resource Group trains preschool educators to identify children with developmental delays as early as possible. Our early childhood special education teachers will train and supervise preschool educators, in general education classrooms, to screen their young students for developmental challenges in all areas of growth and learning.

    Teacher Training

    For teachers of toddler, pre-school and elementary and middle school students, the Special Needs Resource Group’s special education staff helps general education teachers successfully implement classroom support for children at risk or students with diagnosed developmental delays/disorders, emotional disturbance or learning disabilities. We provide workshops and on-site training tailored for individual school programs and the specific goals of general education teachers and administrators. Our group is also a Title II, Part A, Faculty Development Training provider for independent and non-public schools in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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