• Who We Are

    Our Mission

    Girl with missing toothThe Special Needs Resource Group is committed to children who think, learn and develop differently. We help families obtain access to the best services and specialists in the greater Los Angeles area, and we create unique programs tailored to support the individual needs of our young clients.

    Our Team

    We are staffed with professional special education teachers, behavior therapists, academic companions, communication specialists and an art therapist. We have expertise in early and middle childhood education as well as training and experience to help children manage challenges emerging during the pre-teen and teen years. We work well with teachers and other clinicians on treatment teams. Our focus is always on the child.

    Who We Help

    We specialize in supporting children ages 2 – 15 with

    • Anxiety
    • Autism
    • Behavior Problems
    • Defiance and Aggression
    • Gifted and 2-E
    • Learning Disabilities

    How We Can Help

    Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis with an abundance of resources for children with special needs or learning challenges. Due to the size of the city and the vast number of services available, it is often difficult for parents to build a comprehensive treatment program on their own. Our goal is to help children, ages 2-years-old through the teen years, grow to optimal levels of development and learning. We help parents create an educational and therapeutic treatment plan implemented by the best professionals in greater Los Angeles. All the experts work together as a multi-disciplinary treatment team. Healing happens when everyone is on the same page!

    When Parents Notice Differences or Experience Difficulties with Their Child

    Our experts will help concerned parents determine whether the difficulties their child is experiencing could be rooted in a developmental delay or disorder, giftedness or emotional challenges. The process for parents begins with a consultation to discuss their concerns in detail, as well as observations of the child in school and at home. An individualized treatment plan is designed for the family. As soon as the child’s challenges are identified, we help parents set up a treatment program with excellent therapists. We will also create a home-based parent/child intervention program and, for preschool, elementary and middle school children, assist parents with school intervention or placement. We are committed to helping children and teens at risk benefit from the best Los Angeles has to offer as quickly as possible.

    When a Child is Identified By the Regional Center or Local School Districts

    The Special Needs Resource Group’s child development specialists help parents assess the quality of the services their children are receiving, find the highest quality services available, add or intensify interventions and facilitate communication among the therapists to create a team approach. We also help parents extend their children’s therapeutic experience by designing individualized parent/child home-based programs, which always include the child’s most current goals with therapists. Parents who consistently work at home with their children have an opportunity to deepen the parent/child bond and build strength between therapies.

    When Children Have Difficulties in Preschool

    Our early childhood special education staff helps classroom teachers successfully support children at risk during the school day. We are also dedicated to helping parents make a difference in the lives of their children; in-home support is always available when needed by a family. Creating a solid, thorough and proactive early intervention program can prevent young children with developmental delays or disorders from having problems with school performance and social connection when they enter elementary school in the years to come.

    When Children Have a Diagnosis

    Children diagnosed with special needs think and learn differently. We help parents expose their child to programs, therapists and teachers whose approaches and methods work best for that child. Individualizing a child’s program ensures that attention and expertise are directed to the way an individual child thinks and learns. The Special Needs Resource Group keeps parents informed about the latest research and directs parents to local cutting-edge programs.

    When a Child is Gifted

    Giftedness is not a special need, but the presence of giftedness can cause learning, social and emotional challenges for a child. Our expert team works with teachers to help the gifted student remain intellectually stimulated and socially and emotionally supported in the school setting. Some schools work very well with gifted students, embracing a child’s mind and heart with a positive path for achievement in all areas of development. Our team can help you find the right school for your child through our School Placement program.

    Help at Home

    Our special education staff works with parents in the home assisting them with creating smooth routines, improving communication with their child and facilitating positive and meaningful relationships among siblings. We also help parents incorporate a home-based therapeutic program into day-to-day family life.

    Supporting Our Parents

    The Special Needs Resource Group’s Parenting Program is one of our most popular services. Parents of children with special needs must be attuned to the way their children think and learn. This attunement strengthens the parent/child bond, communication in the home and the growth of the child. All of our services have a parent support component. We regularly meet with parents to answer questions, educate and support the family as a whole.

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