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    Barbara A. Joffe, MA


    Barbara Joffe has been dedicated to educating young children for over twenty years. She has taught and administered educational programs throughout the United States. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin — Madison and a Master of Arts degree in Reading and Language Development from Webster University.

    Barbara began her career as a classroom teacher working with socially disadvantaged children in a small elementary school. It was here that she began partnering with parents to help children reach their optimal learning levels. Barbara moved from this small school to the largest independent elementary school in St. Louis, the New City School. Her first position was as a reading specialist, supporting children with special needs and developing programs for gifted and talented students. She also held the positions of language arts coordinator and assistant director.

    In 1986 Barbara founded Riverway School in downtown St. Louis, the first elementary school in the nation designed for the children of working parents. She was able to build a school that incorporated family connection by locating the school near the parents’ work place. Her years as the executive director of the school prepared her to come to Stephen S. Wise Temple where she served as director of the Early Childhood Education Center. While at Stephen S.Wise, Barbara designed and directed programs for parents and their young children, ages zero to five.

    During her years at Stephen S. Wise, Barbara identified and referred many young children at risk of developing special needs. Her commitment to early intervention has resulted in children getting the help they need as quickly and early as possible; in many cases her students’ developmental delays were resolved.

    Barbara’s passion is helping children succeed. She enjoys innovation in education and continues to develop new learning paths for both children and parents through her work at the Special Needs Resource Group.


    Ivy Miller-Jacobs

    Behavior Intervention Supervisor

    Ivy Miller Jacobs earned her degree in speech pathology and audiology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. After graduation, Ivy returned to her hometown in Hamilton, Montana to work as a speech therapist in 3 schools with a caseload of over 40 students. She then moved to Berkeley, California where she worked for 5 years as a behaviorist in both preschool and elementary school classrooms. She then traveled to Thailand where she volunteered in orphanages, utilizing her expertise to help children. Returning to the U.S., she relocated to Los Angeles, where she has worked for the Special Needs Resource Group for four years. She is a supervisor to all SNRG behavior therapists.

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